Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some people

Yesterday morning I was driving the kids to school. Mondays are trash day so all the cans were up and down the street. A few houses further down from where I turn I spotted a bike next to the trash can and thought that if it was still there when I came back, then I'd check it out and maybe grab it if it was in ok condition. Sure enough, on the way home it was still there so I turned the other direction to check it out. It looked pretty good, not perfect by any means, but decent, usable and fixable, so I grabbed it and threw it in the van. I couldn't have timed it any better either. We have this guy that drives through the neighborhood in his truck every week picking up stuff people put out with the trash and he was just a few houses down grabbing some other things. He threw me a look of "hey! I was gonna grab that". As I pulled into the driveway a minute later, the garbage man pulled up to my house, which also means that if I hadn't grabbed it or the other guy hadn't, then the trash man would have hauled it off for sure.

Raven has been asking for a bike so this was a good temporary fix until Christmas. I gave it to her last night and she was thrilled. She played with it a little but it was dark so she put it away in the garage with all the other scooters, etc.

Today I took Kora to the Dr, picked her up some antibiotics for an ear infection and then did some much needed grocery shopping. I came home, opened up the garage to put away some stuff in the garage fridge and, since we needed to grab scooters to go get kids about 10 minutes later, I left the garage door open. When I came outside one of the neighbor boys, who I really don't care for, was hovering around my driveway and pointing into my garage while he talked to somebody else. Nothing appeared out of place so I grabbed our scooters, closed the garage and walked to the school to get kids.

As we walked home this same neighbor boy met us about half way up the street and started accosting Raven about the bike. He accused her of stealing it and was saying it belonged to his friend. I told him it was put out with the trash yesterday and perhaps his friend got a new bike. He followed us home and kept trying to get into the garage when we got there (and my kids wonder why I don't let them play with him-but he's a whole other story).

About 10 minutes later I was loading up kids to run a quick errand when a car pulled up to our house. The lady rolls down her window and starts yelling "we lost a bike and my kids say you have it." I told her I had, in fact, picked up a bike yesterday from next to the trash cans around the corner and she yells that "it wasn't even near the trash, it was in the yard!" I told her it was right next to the trash cans and asked her what color the one was she was missing. She confirmed the one I had and I again said "it was right next to the trash can." Her reply, "well, can we have it back?" I said yes (she looked shocked) and I opened the garage to get it out while she mumbled who knows what, probably profanities, while her son was retrieving this girl's bike from me (poor kid, it was really girly) . I walked over to her car and calmly and nicely made sure she knew that if I hadn't grabbed it, it most certainly would have been gone, told her of the other guy and that the trash man was only about 5 minutes from taking it anyway. I apologized and she said "in 7 years we've never had a problem!" and again "it was in the yard." I said "no, it really wasn't, but I'm glad to give it back." And then she drove away.

So now some lady up the street thinks I'm a horrible person who steals children's bicycles and I'm just waiting for her to call the cops or file charges or something. I'm not a thief. I only take that sort of thing if it's in decent condition, we have a use for it and it's been put out by the trash. Besides, who lets their kids leave a bike out on the street on the morning of (or night before) trash day? If it were my kids I would have said "well, you left it out and now it's gone. This is why we don't leave our things out." Also, in the condition it was in, I probably wouldn't even have gone looking for it. I just hope that she and her kids learned something about leaving your stuff next to the trash cans on trash day, I know I did. Next time I'll just leave it and let it be gone forever, then she can go yell at somebody else.

I don't mind giving it back but she could have at least been a bit nicer instead of yelling at me the whole time. Sheesh!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Locked Out

We just returned from Arizona today after being there for a week. We drove and took two days to get there and another 2 days to get back as well as spending 6 nights there. It was really nice. As we were driving there, about half way through the first day, Josh asked if I had a spare key for his car, which I didn't. He's become pretty adept at locking his keys in the car so having a spare is pretty important. I told him he'd have to get one of the spares when he comes back home next week. So we went on with our trip.

Fast forward a week. We'd had such a good visit with family and friends and were packing up on Thursday night so we could check out of the hotel on Friday morning. I had packed most of the stuff in the hotel room and we were ready to carry it all down to the cars and grabbed our keys, only Josh couldn't find his keys. He thought one of the kids had taken them but after looking and all the kids denying taking them, we decided to go look on and around the cars to see if he had put them down when we were coming in earlier. Sure enough, we got down to the parking lot to discover that they were in his ignition with the doors locked. The front desk found us a couple of wire hangers and we proceeded to try and break into the car again. As we were working on it, Kora was playing with the room card and dropped it into the engine. Now our kids were fast asleep in the hotel room, oblivious to knocking and we were locked out of the car and couldn't get the room key or car keys. An hour and a half later, I had gone to the front desk for a new room key, Josh finally got the car open, we finished loading his things and went to bed. Talk about a pain in the butt. But, it was Josh's fault, not mine, right?

Fast forward to Friday. The kids and I were driving home and stopped at a truck stop for gas, toilet and stretch break. As we're walking through the store to the restroom I found a kit with a slim-jim and all the tools for breaking in when you lock yourself out and it was only $12.99. It's the perfect gift for my husband and one we can both laugh about as well as being useful, so I bought it and put it in the back of the van.

Fast forward to Saturday. We stopped at a gas station, filled up and then parked to go in for a restroom break. We all got some drinks, I got a 5 hour energy, because I was totally exhausted and needed help to stay awake and drive, and we went to load back up. As we're walking out to the car I start getting out my keys only to discover that I didn't have them. I retraced my steps to figure out when I had them last and looked in the window to see them in one of the booster seats in the back and all the doors locked. Dang it, I put them down to get Kora out of her seat and now it's my fault. We're at a gas station in a very small town and 6 kids and I are locked out of the car. At least I had my wallet and I had actually bought all the kids drinks. The van isn't as easy to break into as the mustang-we have power nothing. So I had the guy at the counter call somebody to come and bail me out. 20 minutes and $45 later we were finally on our way.

So this story has three morals. First, don't laugh at your husband when he locks his keys in the car and think that he's the only one that does it, or you might just have it thrown in your face two days later. Second, check to make sure you have your keys every time you get out of the car or it might take you an hour and a half or cost you all the cash in your wallet to get back into your car. And third, when you buy a slim-jim, don't store it in your car. It does absolutely no good when your keys are locked inside with it.

The end.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's been happening lately

* Josh gave all the kids dried prunes tonight and told then they were giant raisins. They all loved them. As a bonus, we'll have some really "regular" children tomorrow.

*Kora finally cut her first tooth. She's been teething for awhile, but any mom who's been through teething can tell you that it lasts for months and you never really know when it'll come through. She was fussy last night, woke up about 8 times during the night and then was fussy all morning. I didn't even think about it being teeth until my husband said something. Sure enough, one broke through and I'm pretty sure the other bottom one is right behind the first. This is the part of babies that isn't much fun. Oh well, at least it usually passes relatively quickly-I can't wait to get my happy baby back without the use of infant Tylenol and ibuprofen.

* My 18 year old cat suddenly started using my house as her litter box instead of her litter box. She doesn't do it when we're around, only at night or while we're gone someplace. It's not like the litter box was dirty or too far away either. Yesterday it was a towel that was on the floor 3 ft from the litter box-we were only gone for 2 hours. Last week she started going out of her way, climbing through the box of shoes and back behind to use my front room carpet to poop and any paper that was on the floor there to pee on-3 days in a row. I don't like locking up my cats but she has made it so that we have to shut them both in the laundry room at night and any time we go anywhere in order for the litter box to be used. I'm sure she's trying to tell me something but I wish that she would just open her mouth and spit it out already.

*My house is so dirty all the time and it's frustrating. I just swept all the floors in my kitchen, dining room and living room 2 nights ago. I went in there this morning to find crumbs spread from one end to the other and covering the whole floor. I don't understand how my kids can make so much mess so quickly. If you come over to my house, I'm sorry for the mess but the front door has a sign to warn you. It says "My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it" and I stand behind the fact that you've now been double warned.

*Josh got a new job this week and we're moving. Rincon is the name of the company and we tried to get on with them a year and a half ago. At that time they wanted him but couldn't hire anybody so they lost out. His contract here is about to run out and they contacted him a few weeks ago asking for his resume. Within a week and a half they called him for an interview, flew him to Arizona, put him up in a hotel and gave him a rental car. They all loved him. The offer finally came through a couple days ago and it's nice. As well as a substantial raise, they're also giving us enough money to pay back the new home buyers tax credit, they pay for our medical and dental insurance each month and they have some other excellent incentives with 401k and the like. They'll pay for half our closing costs on this end, all the closing costs on the other end and will pay for movers to pack, move and unpack our things. I couldn't ask for much more.
Our plan is for Josh to go and start working while we start house hunting and the kids will finish this school year here. Josh will come home weekends as often as he can and then we aim to move mid-June of next year. We also plan to rent out this house rather than selling-just a feeling we have (if you know anybody who wants to rent a really nice house in SE Aurora starting next summer, let me know). I'm not looking forward to being a semi-single parent and I'm not looking forward to leaving our friends here, but I'm really excited to finally be back in the same state as the rest of my family again.

The Ten Virgins

I've recently come to love and appreciate the story of the ten virgins. It's one of those stories that, if you go to church as you grow up, no matter which religion, you're taught it time and time again. It's a parable taught by the savior to the people of the bible, ,and to us. The basics are that there are ten virgins who were waiting for the bridegroom to come so that they could go into his wedding. They each have a lamp that is powered by oil. There were 5 who had extra oil and 5 who only had what was in their lamps. They all waited a very long time and the 5 without extra started running out of light and asked the others to share. The ones with extra could not share what they had without running out too early so the others ran to buy more oil and returned too late to enter the wedding.
As most of you know, the oil is supposed to be what is within each of us, the bridegroom is Jesus Christ and his wedding is the second coming. If we aren't prepared and ready with enough "oil" within, then we will be left behind when Christ comes and gathers those who are ready.
I can only hope to be one of those who has enough within me to be able to power my light until the day and time arrives that I will need it. I know so many who were once on the right path and then decided that it just didn't matter enough anymore, and it makes me sad. I can only imagine being one who has enough and not being able to share with family and friends who don't. I can imagine the sorrow that those 5 felt when they were unable to share and then had to go in and celebrate without the others. I'm sure some of those who weren't prepared were their sisters, best friends and maybe even their mothers, daughters or aunts. I wish that I could share my desire with everybody around me.
We've all been given our free agency to choose what we want to do and how we want to live our lives. I hope that in the day we need it, myself, my family and each and every one of those I care about, will have chosen the right path to have enough to all go in. Can you imagine the celebration we would all have in there together? I imagine it would be quite the shindig, especially with the family and friends that I have. May we each strive to be the best we can be and live our lives so that we can all get into that party and bring the house down.

Friday, August 19, 2011

So much for that idea

A couple days ago I was sitting out front and watching the kids while they played. We live on a relatively busy street and, while most people drive slowly and watch when kids are in the road, there are still many that don't. Some of these kids are out in the street all the time and the other day one of them turned and rode his bike right in front of a car driving up the street and nearly got hit (Good think Karen was watching).

Anyway, as we were sitting outside, I was nursing Kora and heard a great big "pop" sound and turned just as the rock bounced off Josh's mustang. I was pretty sure it hit the glass but it was on the side and very well could have hit the door or side panel. As I was reprimanding Caleb for it (yes, my 3 year old was the culprit and thought he was pretty cool until I started yelling at him) Noah informed me that he had thrown 2 rocks at the neighbor's car sitting in front of their house. I looked over and could see a rock sitting on top of their car. This isn't a car they drive, this is one they picked up cheap from auction, have fixed up and are now in the process of trying to sell it to make a profit. I meant to go over and see if it had done any damage to our car or theirs, but couldn't jump up while I was nursing and forgot by the time I finished. The neighbor's mom was pulling her car out and I was pretty sure she had seen Caleb do it (which is probably why she was moving her car now that I think of it) and I actually expected her to come say something, but she didn't.

Fast forward to today. We're sitting and eating dinner when the doorbell rings and the kids tell Josh the neighbor wants to talk to him. He took a few minutes and hadn't come back to the table yet so I went to see what was up. I opened the door and saw them standing next to the car examining the front window. Turns out Caleb put a big enough ding in the windshield that it isn't something they can fix without replacing the windshield now.

So, I now have the year, make and model of their car and I get to spend the money we had set aside to replace Josh's windshield to replace theirs instead. At least I have the money but dang it, now I have to start saving all over again to replace the one on our car. Thank you Caleb.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What to say today?

I feel like writing tonight but have no idea what to say. Therefore you get a bunch of randon stuff. Here goes.

*Kora is 5 1/2 months old now and decided this week that she's tired of sitting in one place. This morning she scooted herself all the way across our california king sized bed to get to me. It took her several minutes to do it but she did. She also rolls back and forth to get places or things and she can sit up pretty good if I help her get there. Who told her she was allowed to grow up so fast?

*Last month I got a Groupon for half off hair and waxing services and I went to redeem it today. They washed my hair, did a deep conditioning treatment, cut off about 6-8 inches off my hair and then waxed my eyebrows. I paid $35 for the groupon and it would have cost me $65+ tax if I paid full price. It was a nice 2 hour break from my obnoxious kids.

*Have I mentioned how much I enjoy year round school lately? My kids went back to school last week and it has been so nice. I now have 4 of them in school all day and 2 home that sleep in most days. I've actually been getting some sleep and it's been really nice. My days are so nice and relaxing until about 4pm. Then the kids get home and start arguing, fighting, hitting, kicking, pinching, tattling, screaming and, you get the idea. I don't understand how it can go from a really happy, good mood day to oh my heck I want to wring everybody's neck so quickly.

*my car broke about a week ago. It sounds like an old VW with a sound enhancer on the muffler. It could also sound like a cross between a really loud motorcycle and a diesel truck. It happened as we were driving down the road on the 4th of July when everything was closed. Turns out the muffler blew a hole right next to the catalytic converter and the only way to fix it is to get the whole assembly. This might not be so bad except that apparenly, everybody else who bought Dodge Caravans in 2004 got a V6 so parts for our 4 cylinder van are hard to come by. This one had to be ordered fom the dealership and cost $800 just for the part. Luckily labor is only $80 but that still puts us over $900 after tax. Good thing I built up that emergency fund. The part should be here tomorrow or the next day and they'll put it in for us as soon as it arrives.

Ok, I think that's about it for now. Maybe I'll think of someting else to write tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you ever wonder?

So, I have this friend. She knows who she is and some of you may also know who she is, but I'm not going to mention names otherwise. Anyway, her family and ours used to hang out quite a bit, and when I say that I do mean a lot. We'd get together once or twice a week, sometimes more, have dinner, chat, play games and have a really great time. Then one day they declined to come over, started avoiding us when we'd see each other, made excuses of why they couldn't get together with us and stuff like that. We tried asking questions as to why and what happened and, from what we could figure, I did or said something that offended this friend so she quit talking to me and didn't want to hang out anymore.

I tried talking to her and tried asking what I did or said that upset her. I even send an email or two in hopes of a reply. A year passed with nothing. Finally we started talking on a limited basis and then they came over to our house for a birthday party. Just as the party was starting, one of her children slipped on my clean tile and broke their arm. This ended what I thought was the beginning of making up. A few more months passed and we moved away, however, we are still facebook friends.

It's now been another year and a half and, for some reason, she has been weighing on my mind today. I wonder how she is, I wonder what kind of things she's doing and I wonder if she still hates me or holds a grudge for whatever it was that I said or did.

It might not bother me so much if I actually knew what it was also. I mean, if I knew then I could at least give her a sincere apology if nothing else. I miss my friend, the chats we had and the things that we did together and I wonder if there's ever going to be a possibility that we could make up. Are you out there friend?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

wow, 3 months already?

Ok, so there has been A LOT that has happened in the last nearly 4 months since I posted something. To begin with, I had a baby. Kora Jade Clark was born on January 26th, 2011 at 4:49am and weighed 6lbs 14oz and was 19inches long. At her 5 day visit she was up to 7lbs even, at 1 month she was 7lbs 7 1/2 oz and at her 2 month visit she was 11lbs even. She's an eater and a sweetheart. I love her chubby little cheeks and her personality. She's my little snuggler and still likes to sleep on my chest at night. I know I probably should start making her sleep elsewhere but I know she'll do that on her own soon and I'll miss it so I'm letting her sleep there as long as she wants (unless of course she still wants to sleep there at 6 or 9 months, I might draw the line).

We blessed Kora at church on February 6th so that Abuelo (Josh's dad) could be there to stand in the circle before he had to head home the next day. It was a beautiful blessing-probably one of the best I've heard.

My kids LOVE Kora so much and they're actually all pretty helpful most of the time. Caleb is overjoyed to be a big brother now and doesn't like to answer to anything else. He'll tell you he's not Monkey britches, he's a big brother or that he's not Caleb, he's a big brother or even that he's not a baby, he's a big brother and so on-you get the idea. The rest have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves most of the time-they all just want to hold her or kiss her on a constant basis. I can't tell you how many times I've walked away to do something and come back a minute later to see Raven holding Kora and carrying her around the room. Yes, they love her.

I love Kora's smile and her little giggle and all the things she's learning to do every day. She's growing up too fast and I wish she would just slow down a little. Don't I deserve to enjoy my last baby being a baby a bit longer? I sure think so.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Just thought I'd be nice and give everybody a heads up. If you're coming to my house to visit, even if it's to help me out or do me a favor, LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME. Find a dog sitter, put them in a kennel for a bit, trust me when I say that you'll be much more likely to be adored and invited back later if you come without him/her. We love you and expect any REAL children that you may bring with you but, as far as I'm concerned, your dog isn't welcome here.

Let me list a few reasons for you:
1. I'm allergic to your dog. I know, I'm allergic to my cats too and I stay highly medicated because of it, so it's likely that your dog won't effect me that badly. Still, I'm more allergic to your dog than I am to my cats so it does effect me, even if it's just a little.
2. I have cats. My cats are almost 12 and 17 1/2 years old. They don't like dogs and putting their food up on the counter so your dog doesn't eat it isn't an option because the older one can't jump up there anymore. I'm sick and tired of having to put their food back down every time I go into the bathroom so that they don't starve to death. I love my cats more than your dog. Trust me on this one.
3. I detest cleaning up after your dog when you leave, and I'm not talking about the back yard cause that's Josh's job (and should be done by you as you follow your dog around doing it's business anyway-my kids play there, don't leave it sit). I'm talking about the dog hair and dog food and any other messes your dog makes in my house while you visit. Yes, my cats make messes too, but cleaning up after them is a responsibility I accepted 17 1/2 years ago when I got the first one. I never agreed to clean up after your dog.
4. I don't like dogs, especially in my house. Enough said

Can you tell I just finished cleaning up after somebody's dog? Not only that, but I was cleaning up after that one, knowing that somebody else is arriving with their unwelcome dog tomorrow. Yes, I'm pregnant and I'm probably a bit hormonal (ok, really hormonal) and I just spent the last 2 days in the hospital with gall bladder attacks (which is another blog post for another day) and trying to get out and come home, but I'm also tired of people showing up to my house with their dogs, assuming that we don't mind. While the rest of my family doesn't mind and will probably love your dog, I do care and would prefer if you left the mangy thing home.

Thank you.