Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation is over

We had a great holiday traveling and now I'm getting back into reality again. We've been back now for a week and a half and the time has flown by. There was so much that happened and we saw so much while we were gone. We took our car, equipped with dvd players, gameboys and notebooks, crayons and pens (and heaps of luggage and supplies of course) and off we went for a month. We left alcie Springs and drove for 2 1/2 days to arrive in Brisbane and Gold Coast where we spent 5 fun days. From there we drove to Sydney, another long days drive, and spent a week doing everything you can imagine. After Sydney we drove a long day to Melbourne and spent another 5 days playing tourist. And from there we took a 2 day drive to Adelaide, stopping to see the 12 apostles along the way and many other scenic views along the great ocean road. We spent a week in Adelaide with friends and tried to find many indoor activities since it rained all but one day while we were there. We saw beaches, collected shells, and were really good at being tourists I think. There is so much more to tell but i'm going to break it down into a post for each stop along the way so that I don't overwhelm and I can include pictures to go with it all. We got to stay in some great hotels that cost us nothing, thanks to our time shares, and Josh's employer paid for the gas so we pretty much just paid for our food, trinkets and fun stuff along the way-what better way to travel! You can look forward to pictures and details in the very near future.