Friday, August 19, 2011

So much for that idea

A couple days ago I was sitting out front and watching the kids while they played. We live on a relatively busy street and, while most people drive slowly and watch when kids are in the road, there are still many that don't. Some of these kids are out in the street all the time and the other day one of them turned and rode his bike right in front of a car driving up the street and nearly got hit (Good think Karen was watching).

Anyway, as we were sitting outside, I was nursing Kora and heard a great big "pop" sound and turned just as the rock bounced off Josh's mustang. I was pretty sure it hit the glass but it was on the side and very well could have hit the door or side panel. As I was reprimanding Caleb for it (yes, my 3 year old was the culprit and thought he was pretty cool until I started yelling at him) Noah informed me that he had thrown 2 rocks at the neighbor's car sitting in front of their house. I looked over and could see a rock sitting on top of their car. This isn't a car they drive, this is one they picked up cheap from auction, have fixed up and are now in the process of trying to sell it to make a profit. I meant to go over and see if it had done any damage to our car or theirs, but couldn't jump up while I was nursing and forgot by the time I finished. The neighbor's mom was pulling her car out and I was pretty sure she had seen Caleb do it (which is probably why she was moving her car now that I think of it) and I actually expected her to come say something, but she didn't.

Fast forward to today. We're sitting and eating dinner when the doorbell rings and the kids tell Josh the neighbor wants to talk to him. He took a few minutes and hadn't come back to the table yet so I went to see what was up. I opened the door and saw them standing next to the car examining the front window. Turns out Caleb put a big enough ding in the windshield that it isn't something they can fix without replacing the windshield now.

So, I now have the year, make and model of their car and I get to spend the money we had set aside to replace Josh's windshield to replace theirs instead. At least I have the money but dang it, now I have to start saving all over again to replace the one on our car. Thank you Caleb.

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